Case Study: Stadium International

October 21, 2016

Customer Success Story: See how Nvoicepay's partnership with CDK Global increased AP security and payment control for Stadium International Trucks while earning them $12,600 annually in card-based rebates.

Stadium International's CFO called their manual AP process "labor intensive" and overall, "a complete waste of time." He knew it was time to move from paper checks to an automated solution that offered the security, visibility, and speed Stadium needed to keep pace with its growth.

"The best partnership that CDK Global ever had is with Nvoicepay. We absolutely love this product."

Gary Devennie, CFO Stadium International Trucks

Download the case study to learn how Nvoicepay's solution for the automotive industry , AP Assist, enables simple b2b electronic payments.

Case Study: Peterson Auto Group
Case Study: Peterson Auto Group

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