Case Study: Downingtown Area School District

December 16, 2016

Customer Success Story: Learn the secret to Downingtown Area School District's success at automating ePayments for a combined benefit of $50,000 in the first year.

When DASD decided to automate supplier payments with Nvoicepay, it had two payment processes to juggle from its bank P-card program, and the AP team was still spending 3-4 hours per week resolving payment issues. Unlike with Nvoicepay, the bank program only enabled the highest spend suppliers for card payments, thus limiting rebate potential. After implementing our solution, Downingtown Area School District has seen an 80% decrease in supplier calls about payment issues, and $43,000 in annual rebates.

"Driving down costs and increasing card-based rebates puts more dollars to use for educational programs. That's what it's all about."

Mike DeAngelis, Director of Finance Downingtown Area School District

Download the case study to see how Nvoicepay streamlined DASD's payment process, saving money and earning card rebates at the same time.

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