Case Study: Arkansas Federal Credit Union

December 30, 2016

Customer Success Story: Discover how Nvoicepay reduced Arkansas Federal Credit Union's number of weekly paper checks from hundreds to only 1-2, saving AFCU over $7,100 in processing costs and earning them more than $60,000 in annual card rebates.

AFCU's AP Specialist was preparing 50-150 checks each week, that then needed signed, stuffed into envelopes, and mailed. It was a paper-laden, manual process that affected everyone from AP to the CEO. After automating invoice payments with Nvoicepay, Arkansas Federal CU executives have all the control they need, plus visibility and time to reallocate.

"Nvoicepay is great and I wouldn't go back for anything in the world."

Christa Young, AP Specialist AFCU

Download the case study to learn how Nvoicepay seamlessly shifts b2b payments from paper checks to electronic payment methods.

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