Case Study: VCC Construction

August 25, 2016

Customer Success Story: Learn how VCC, a leading U.S. construction firm, has grown into one of the nation's top 150 builders over the past 28 years by using technology as a competitive differentiator. 

Using our payment automation solution, VCC Construction eliminated 1,000 paper checks per month from its AP process. In fact, 85% of VCC's vendor payments are now made electronically via ACH or rebate-earning credit cards.

"We want to be better than the standard, so next time vendors bid us, they know that they're going to be paid quicker, and they'll give us a better price. Nvoicepay allows us to have that competitive advantage."

Raouf Kassissieh, Controller VCC Construction

Download the case study to learn how we relieved the burden of contractor and vendor payments for VCC Construction.

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