Kuni Automotive

Customer Success Story: Learn how Kuni Automotive saves money related to printing, processing and storing paper-based payments, in addition to earning about $15,000 per month in card-based rebates

Kuni's process for 90,000 annual paper check payments included check-signing parties of nine company managers totaling four hours each day...that's 180 hours per week dedicated to signing checks! Kuni's new automated process with Nvoicepay allows the AP team to spend only one hour per week paying vendors.

"Now, we don't field as many calls on payments. We can go straight to Nvoicepay."

Verna Daly, Accounting Specialist

Download the case study to read how Nvoicepay helped this auto dealer reduce their AP costs and earn rebates within 60 days.

Multifamily Management Services
Multifamily Management Services

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